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People often ask me an awkward question; 'What bands have you worked with'

This is so difficult to answer!! I've generally been a freelance sound engineer and stage/show technician and I've done the sound at so many gigs that it's hard to say at times, who I haven't done the sound for at one time or another. From the mid '70's to mid '80's there were so many acts on the scene that I had some involvement with. There are some I've done a tour with, and many because I just happened to be the sound man at a gig or gigs they played at, often because I was hired by the venue or PA company, not the band. Many of the artists below were regulars at many of the gigs I did.

I've worked in a number recording studios, both large and small, often just to give a hand or because some mates asked me and sometimes also to earn some free recording time etc. A lot of stuff I've done has often been 'cos we were all mates on the scene and never thought much about it, we just went and did it!

I cannot begin to remember how many gigs I have done, thousands probably, and covering just about every musical style and instrument there is, (apart from opera!).

Just for the record though I've listed a few of the better known artists I've done gigs or other stuff with. There's loads more so I'll probably add to the list as I remember or people remind me!

70's to 80's

*Au Pairs
*Captain Sensible
*Cockney Rejects
*Climax Blues Band
*Dead Fingers Talk
*Department S
*Dr Feelgood
*East of Eden
*Eddy & The Hot Rods
*Edgar Broughton Band
*Graham Parker & The Rumour
*Hazel O'Conner
*Here And Now
*Ian Drury (with both Kilburn & the High Roads and The Blockheads)
*Inner City Unit
*John Cooper Clarke
*Leyton Buzzards
*Nick Lowe
*Nina Simone**
*Pink Flamingos
*Radio Stars
*Savoy Brown
*Steve Hillage
*Stiff Little Fingers
*The Clash
*The Damned
*The Jam
*The Motors
*The Ruts
*The Specials
*The Vibrators
*Tubeway Army
*Wreckless Eric
*X-Ray Specs

** It was a gig in the autumn of '74 with this great lady that prompted a move to London and go full time into the music biz. I was there as a stage assistant, ended up doing far more than my job was supposed to entail. Ms. Simone took a shine to me, she liked the way I treated her as a normal person and just got on with the job. She suggested I quit the day job and get my ass into the music scene full time, because she could see I could make something of it. Having a wife and kid to support, it was a big step but that is what I did...

80's: Welsh Music

In North Wales I did a lot with the local music scene and in particular with Mafia Mr Huws, a band who had tremendous influence on the Welsh music scene.

Other notables included Geraint Jarman, Anhrefn and Llwybr Llaethog plus many more who's names I could never remember!

90's: The Pedal Power shows

Just a few of the artists who performed on my pedal powered show in the 90's. Again there are many, many more than can be listed here...

*Another Green World
*Arqua Dub Cooperation
*Azlan (DJ)
*Back To The Planet
*Baka Beyond
*Banco De Gaia
*Captain Sensible
*Cheap Suit Oroonies
*Delerium (DJ)
*Doo The Moog
*Dream Believers
*Dub The Earth
*Eamon Dog (DJ)
*Electric Groove Temple
*Elephant Talk
*Evolution (DJ)
*Full Moon Scientist
*Future Loop Foundation
*Head Mix Collective
*Heads Together
*Heathens All
*Herbie Flowers Shuffle Jazz
*Hotel Full Of Cops
*John Otway
*Kangaroo Moon
*Kora Colours (Ravi)
*Loop Guru
*Lost T-Shirts Of Atlantis
*Man With No Name
*Mazlyn Jones
*Medicine Drum
*Michael Dog (DJ)
*Mixmaster Morris (DJ)
*New Age Radio
*Nigel & Caroline Shaw
*Nik Turner
*Oberon (DJ)
*Optic Eye
*Praying For The Rain
*RDF (Radial Dance Faction)
*Revolutionary Dub Warriors
*Rory McLeod
*Salt Tank
*Sexy Rubber Soul (DJ)
*Shape Navigator
*Sieze The Day
*Solar Quest
*Sounds From The Ground
*Space Goats
*Space Toad Experience
*System 7
*Temple Head
*Tenkoo Orchestra
*The Bagdaddies
*The Beetroots
*The Big Chill
*The Dharmas
*The Enid
*The F.O.S. Brothers
*The Wind Traveling Band
*Theo & Shannon
*Tofu Love Frogs
*Tribal Drift
*Wise Wound

And thats not to mention the countless 'conventional' gigs, indoor or out...

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