Mik Tunes

A selection of tunes I have been working on.

The Last One In England

The first track I made at my new home in the old Belgrave Arms pub. Turns out it is the last pub of that name in England.

Manu Chou-Bongo Bongo (Mik's Bongo Bass remix)

After hearing several drum & bass and other dance mixes of this tune, none of which were that impressive I was thinking of doing one myself. A friend then challenged me to do so. Not exactly drum & bass but bongo and bass!

Caviar and Ketchup

Happened around some nice bass playing originally done for another project. Too good to pass up and inspired some smouldering jazzy playing that quickly gelled into something far different than on the original project.


Originally started as a backing for a hip-hop/rap tune. After some percussion was added to take the place of the yet to be recorded vocal, it took a life of it's own

May end up with a small vocal yet...

The Devils Belly Dance

Still needs a bit of work but it has a magic that I want to keep. Came out of an all night session in a small project studio in North Wales (although sounds more like North Africa!).

Still need to do final mixes and mastering on the following tunes:

Hunting Penelope

Taking a cue from some sixties soundtracks, this tune builds to a big brassy hook that may sound familiar to some.

Penelope is the clue...

Dub Realms

Described by a friend as 'Electronic dub with a hint of Kraftwerk', I'll go with that.

Mr Government Man (feat. Microsoft Sam)

I have some personal reasons for this for this protest tune, but it can easily be appropriate concerning government officials and especially in the UK with all the personal surveillance going on...

Remastered from a surviving mp3 rough mix from before the fire.

After The Fire (Rock Geetars)

Unlike the others this is a loud rock tune - be warned!! The first tune I put together after my whole life had gone up in flames...

I have now finally got my own MIDI keyboard/controller again so can now (hopefully!), get round to making some more music of my own. Sooner or later I hope to have at least one good albums worth and a minimum of a one hour live set

It is all very well doing stuff for other people all of the time, but sometimes it is good to do one's own, not only for fun and enjoyment, but also to get a feel for what it is like on 'the other side of the fence' so to speak