About Me

With over 35 years of experience in all aspects of music sound engineering, shows and events, I have worked with a vast range of musicians and shows covering nearly all styles and aspects of music and musical events. This work has included quite a number of reasonably well-known artists and performers and has also covered live links for radio and TV broadcast.

My main areas expertise are as F.O.H. (Front Of House) sound engineer, stage/venue technician and general showman. I cannot possibly remember how many gigs I have done over the years, but it is certainly into four figures. My work has also crossed paths with TV, theatre and cabaret and their specialized requirements.

I have a wealth of experience with all aspects of music events, including the special requirements of outdoor events. I have run my own shows in the past, including for ten years the legendary 'Rainbow Dragon' pedal powered concert system, once a popular feature at the Glastonbury Festival and one of the worlds first renewable energy concert sound systems and probably the first ever pedal powered.

Familiar with practically every type of sound making instrument there is, whether on stage or in the studio, no matter how strange or exotic. I am also familiar with the wide range and styles of contemporary (and not so contemparary) music and the various disciplines.

I also have considerable experience with recording and have had the privilege of observing some top producers and engineers at work. I have experience of most forms of recording equipment including 2inch 24 track analogue. I am familiar with Cubase/Nuendo, familiar-ish with Pro-Tools (been a few years!), a huge fan of Ableton Live (for practically all audio work). I can work with Logic but would rather not...

Conversant with microphones and their use (in fact I once produced a booklet on the subject), and also with processors and FX units, both hardware and software. I am also a fan of keeping things simple where possible, and would rather avoid wasting time or substituting creativity with what is often unnecessary effects and trickery (often used just because they are expected!).

As well as a natural inbuilt talent for sound and music, my interest in the workings and disciplines 'behind the scenes' have given me an innate understanding of the very nature of sound and music, of the equipment being used, and of that special 'magic' that makes a good production.

Often unhappy with commercially available equipment in the past, I have often designed my own, building amplifiers, processors and speaker systems following 'high-end' principles. this also led to a study of acoustics which has enable some successful ventures into studio building and conversion. I also used to design sound synthesisers in the '70's, so have an intimate understanding of analogue as well as digital synthesis.

Nowadays I use computers for most things apart from the live sound aspect (and can see them being used for that before too long. I have spent a great deal of time translating my skills to the computer platform, learning and keeping up with new techniques on the way.

Apart from the sound engineering I have also held a fine reputation as a DJ, having played at innumerable festivals and shows and held a residency in a popular North London club for five years.

I have performed both live and in the studio as a percussionist and occasionally as a vocalist and am now producing some of my own music in a variety of styles.

I have used my graphical and artistic skills to produce posters leaflets and web graphics for my own show and for others and regularly use Photoshop and other programs to produce graphics and artwork. More recently I have studied and applied web design and development and have produced various websites since 1999.