A very brief history...

I got into doing live sound at the age of 16 whilst at Brooklands Technical College which I attended as part of an apprenticeship in general engineering in the late '60's with British Aircraft Corporation (based on the old Brooklands racetrack in Weybridge, Surrey).

When I complained about the sound to the guy running the stage at a college gig, he suggested that if could do any better then do it, so I did...

College gigs included popular undergound bands such as Savoy Brown and East Of Eden which lead to more prestigeous gigs outside of college. I also helped out with local bands, some of whom were starting to become popular, such as Gracious and Comus.

Used to hang out whenever I could at Daltry and Townsends place on Eel Pie Island, nr. Twickenham. Loads of crazy, wonderful happenings, jams and gigs, learnt a lot.

Went to my first festival in 1969 (I think) somewhere south of London called Harmony Farm and then the Isle Of Wight Festival in 1970, Wheely nr. Clacton-on-Sea in '71, and the Windsor Free Festivals. I ended up going to most of the '70's festivals . These included the free festivals, which in the early days were a melting pot of talent and innovation,  and the birthplace of many things now taken for granted. The world renowned Turbosound company being just one example.

I moved to London, early '75, (by then with a wife and a small child) and became a regular on the London music scene both as a soundman and also technician, repairing, modifing and  customising music and lighting equipment. Built lots of electronic equipment, ranging from amplifiers and speakers through to modular synthesisers.

I worked with almost everyone on the London circuit at one time or another, even if only the fact that I was doing the sound at a gig. These included many of the Stiff Records artists and lot's of the punk and 'new wave' bands, (the Sex Pistols being one of the few that I didn't!).

Joined the "let's buy a cottage in the country" movement and moved to North Wales early '80's, continued to do sound engineering outside of Wales and also became involved in the Welsh music scene, helping it to mature beyond the Welsh/English divide (I was the  first ever non-Welsh speaker to do live sound for Welsh bands!).

Did a lot more electronics work, designing, prototyping, pcb design for numerous clients. Whilst a fair amount was music and entertainments related, I did work for industrial clients, including design work for British Telecom.

Over the years I have been involved in the building or upgrading a number recording studios, including the complete design and build of a world class 24-track facility in a North Wales.

Worked on laser systems in the early 90's, including building a custom laser control system for a big show on Canary Wharf Tower New Year 1994.

Involved in early 'green fairs' running battery powered systems, eventually charging from wind power. Insisted to Kingston Green Fair (KGF) organisers that music should be AT powered, wind, solar, or whatever.  This was made possible with the help of C.A.T. (the Centre of Alternative Technology). Repeated on larger scale at Glastonbury Festival 1992 and various other events during '92 and '93.

KGF and Glastonbury 1994 saw the debut of a pedal powered concert sound system using unique 4-person pedal generators. This later included a highly effective low voltage lighting system and also went on to create some of the largest if not the largest human powered concerts the world has ever seen.

Continued for 12 years not only at Glasto, KGF and Big Green Gathering but with shows and festivals all over the country. Featured on BBC TV, Channel 4, a special feature on Radio One's Glastonbury program, and once broadcast live to Russia on BBC's World Service.

The show was somewhat curtailed after being injured in a a car crash in autumn '98', but somehow managed to survive through to 2002, mainly as a dance venue at the larger gigs..

I've DJ'd widely at festivals and held a residency for 5 years at Expression, a popular North London club. Other gigs including the famous Blue Note Club (Hoxton Square, now long gone) and Megatripolis as well as various other venues in the London area.  I was an early adopter of CD decks for DJing and the same with MP3s using a dedicated controller.

Went back to my roots and became a regular on the London underground scene (again!) in the 'norties' with much of my income coming from PA hire, music post production and restoration along with specialised  technical work.

I suffered a seriously injury that somewhat messed me up, the tragic deaths of some of the closest people in my life and to top it all, lost every last thing I had in a fire, including the sound system that had evolved and existed since the early '80's. This put me out of action for a few years.

I am now rebuilding my life again, and as well as my involvement with music, I am also working with web design and development, including a large project for sustainable eco-lifestyles (www.autonopedia.org.uk). I am not sure when it will happen, but I can also see the possibilities for a major new show.

I am now based in London again and available for sound engineering and event consultancy hire. (see Services page)