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I have now been forced to retire from live sound engineering

Sadly, due to ongoing ill health I have had to retire from live sound and other physically demanding work. Being struck down with emphysema (COPD) and now living with an oxygen feed means I can no longer travel to gigs very easily, or cope with many of the physical demands that the job entails.

I do find it frustrating and rather sad as it has been something I have loved doing for over 40 years and it has been hard to accept it can be no more. Hopefully I will add to this site, especially after a rebuild that I have been planning for a while and will also concentrate a bit more on the recording and production side.

At least I can be useful by imparting some of my many years of experience for others to benefit from ...

Live Sound Quality (Lack Of)

It never ceases to amaze me that so many live gigs suffer from a mediocre, or even downright awful sound quality! In all of the years I have been involved with live sound I have never managed to achieve the sonic mess that so often seems to pass as sound engineering - even difficult venues and dodgy PA systems haven't given me the excuse to deliver the sort of crap that so often prevails! I often wonder what these so-called sound engineers listen to music on at home, because it often sounds like a really loud version of a nasty cheap, badly set-up stereo.


Learning about live sound

There are endless books, websites and magazines about music production and recording, but there seems to be little information on live sound, especially from a seasoned pro.

Having vast amount of experience and a gig list way into 4 figures puts me in a position to rectify this.

Some of the content on this site is a taster for a forthcoming book on live sound engineering, quite when it will be published I'm not sure, but active encouragement will probably help to quicken the process! Meanwhile I shall add more here on a regular basis.

I have more articles in the pipeline, just a matter of finding time amongst my other commitments...

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and/or queries. Answers to your queries will be published on the site and may be featured in the book.

I am currently based in London and am happy to travel elsewhere, please use the Contact page for enquires.